Leiza Stanley,MSW, LCSW

Leiza Stanley, MSW, LCSW

Leiza Stanley has been a full time therapist at Dr. Alyson Nerenberg Psychology Associates since 2010. She is a gifted clinician who has a strong knowledge base of both addictions and eating disorders. She is a talented therapist who brings warmth and insight as well as a deep commitment to her patients at our practice. Additionally, Leiza Stanley was trained as a licensed clinical social worker. Her treatment approach is holistic and eclectic, designed to meet each person’s individual needs. While trained and certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Leiza also incorporates psychodynamic, family systems and contextual family therapy techniques. She is a therapist who strongly values and respects the relationship she has with her clients. She believes therapy allows for a corrective experience where one can experiment with patterns of behavior and communication to resolve internal and interpersonal conflict. The feedback that Leiza receives most from clients is that she is warm and accepting but active and direct. She asks the right questions aimed at helping clients find their inner strength and authentic selves.

Leiza specializes in treating eating disorders, and addictions, serving not only the identified patient but also the family. Other areas of expertise include depression, and anxiety disorders, AHDH, OCD, children of divorce, children of substance users, relationship and behavioral difficulties. Leiza provides individual, couples, family, and group therapy, as well as clinical supervision. Leiza has over ten years of experience in the field in a variety of settings. She is passionate about her work and in touch with the social and cultural perspectives that shape growth and recovery.