Philadelphia Supervision Services

Dr. Alyson Nerenberg is a Professional Supervisor

  • Dr. Nerenberg specializes in supervision of other therapists and has been an advisory board member of the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) for over five years.
  • Dr. Nerenberg has been head of the supervision committee and has supervised over a hundred therapists.
  • Dr. Nerenberg also facilitates supervision weekends where she provides twenty hours of group supervision for CSAT candidates.
  • Dr. Nerenberg is available to provide support and supervision for clinicians struggling with complex cases.

Read an excerpt from the CSAT Spotlight on Dr. Alyson Nerenberg

Dr. Alyson Nerenberg holds a special place in the CSAT Community as the chair for IITAP’s supervision committee. In this capacity, Nerenberg’s most recent task is to develop the supervision process. “I became a member of the CSAT advisory board four years ago,and I’m very committed to the work we’re doing,” she says.

A therapist for 30 years, Nerenberg is a licensed psychologist who specializes in relationship counseling, co-dependency, addictions, eating disorders, trauma and sexual addictions. Additionally, a large part of her practice focuses on supervision of therapists. “I also consult with the media and have been a regular consultant/guest for CN8’s Morning show, as well as MSNBC News, Fox and NBC’s talk shows and various national magazines,” she says.

Previously, Nerenberg facilitated survivors’ groups at several area rehabs, then spent five years as the clinical director of the Keystone Center Extended Care Unit, a residential treatment program for healing from sexual addictions and trauma. She left Keystone in 2002 to open her own private practice. “In the practice, I work with individuals, couples and groups, and have brought in two other therapists to add to the amount of groups we can offer,” she says. The practice presently offers two long-term recovery groups for sex addiction, and one group for partners.

In addition to a thriving practice, Nerenberg is equally committed to growing and enhancing the CSAT program. As chair of the supervision committee, she’s responsible for helping establish standards for supervisors, providing support for supervisors struggling with difficult situations, and communicating with the advisory board about supervision issues.

“One of the reasons I became so involved with the issue of supervision was that when I was at Keystone, I had the opportunity to develop a team-meeting approach,” Nerenberg says. This was an hour where the whole multidisciplinary team came together to brainstorm about cases in a safe environment. “We discussed when we were struggling with a case, and received support without judgment,” she says. “We also came up with better strategies working together than we would have alone.”

When Nerenberg left Keystone, she missed the group interaction and teamwork. “I realized how many people in our field struggle with complex cases alone,” she says. Her mission became to develop a group model for CSAT candidates to discuss cases in supervision. For the past 5 years Nerenberg has facilitated weekend supervision workshops where candidates bring their complex sex addiction cases and discuss them in a safe environment. “I believe that knowledge about the treatment of sex addiction and the task-oriented approach is important, but I also believe that developing a close-knit support network is equally as important so that we don’t feel isolated and burnt out in our work as healers,” she says.

One of the reasons the CSAT community and the IITAP Advisory board are important to Nerenberg is because she values the connections and support she receives from such a caring and committed group of colleagues.

Along with her passion for her career as a therapist and mentor, Nerenberg has great passion and love for her family: husband Jeff, and the couple’s three children, Amanda, Marissa and Justin. “My struggle is balancing a full life with self care, joy and growth.”

Nerenberg’s goals for the future include: continuing to educate the public regarding the value of therapy for healing from sexual addiction and trauma, continuing to sustain her thriving practice of psychotherapy and supervision and writing a book about developing healthy, intimate relationships. Her willingness to give back to the community through supervision and teaching is an example of how one person can make a difference in so many lives.

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