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Shattering the Illusion of Flawless Relationships
by Alyson Nerenberg, Psy.D.

no perfect love book

Perfect couples do not exist; nor do perfect families. Yet, in our photoshopped, Instagrammable world where we only present flawless versions of ourselves, we can easily be tricked into believing that they do. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Alyson Nerenberg has spent 30 years listening to couples, families, executives, celebrities, and professional athletes; and is here to share the truth. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, every one of us experiences challenges in our relationships.

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no perfect love book award
no perfect love book award
no perfect love book award
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“This book has the potential to change lives and heal relationships. Couples can benefit from their first date through every stage of their relationship.” 
— Dr. Drew Pinsky, nationally known doctor, NY Times Best-selling Author and Media Personality and Host of 7 television shows

“With No Perfect Love, Dr. Alyson Nerenberg has shattered the myth of ‘happily every after,’ where even the best of relationships is far from perfect. Her no nonsense take on relationships and how to thrive in them, despite their many flaws, is rock solid. My professional experience of Dr. Nerenberg is one of integrity, wit, and insight. This book carries those gifts into useful words of wisdom.” 
— Robert Weiss, Ph.D, author of Out of the Doghouse and Prodependence: The End of Codependency

“This is a relationship-promoting, life-enhancing, divorce-busting how-to book for creating and sustaining healthy long-term relationships. I highly recommend it.” 
— Dr. Helen Friedman, Clinical Psychologist, award-winning radio show host of “Psych Talk,” Associate clinical professor at The Saint Louis University School of Medicine and past president of the St. Louis Psychological Association

“Dr. Nerenberg is a beacon in the psychology field and her book will help guide anyone struggling with a challenging relationship.” 
— Ralph Earle, MDiv, Ph.D., ABPP, LMFT, CSAT, Past President of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, author of Lonely All the Time and Conversations: Therapy and Spiritual Growth

“If you are hoping to find the perfect love—as so many people do—or are disappointed to realize that your marriage or relationship is not perfect, then No Perfect Love is the perfect book for you!” 
— Jennifer Schneider, M.D., Ph.D. author of Back From Betrayal: Recovering from the Trauma of Infidelity and Disclosing Secrets

“Dr. Nerenberg’s 30 years of clinical wisdom shines of every page of No Perfect Love. A timely and fresh look at the connection between narcissism and the striving for perfection, No Perfect Love takes the reader on a compassionate, at times personal, and practical journey to heal from the narcissistic drum beat that demands perfection in order to be loved. Covering a wide range of topics including romance, parenting, athletics, and the culture at large, No Perfect Love is a welcome road map of relief and insight that points to the need for it to be on everyone’s bookshelf.” 
— Kenneth M. Adams, Ph.D., author of Silently Seduced and When He’s Married to Mom.

“No Perfect Love is just about the perfect self- help relationship book! of the short non-fiction books we’ve come by in 2022,t this is certainly one of the best! There’s just something about how Dr. Alyson Nerenberg is able to take things as mundane as case studies and make them so interesting and compelling. This books is short yet dense. There are lessons to be learned at every flip of the page. There’s hardly any wasted space in this whole book. Everything is either insightful, interesting, and/or useful to the reader. And that’s probably the books greatest strength, it’s shear usefulness and practicality. It can save marriages. It can keep families together. Those are huge stakes and implications. There is tremendous value on every page.”
— Outstanding Award Creator Committee’s Review

“If you are experiencing any type of challenges in your relationships, from family, to friends to work, this is a must read for you. Dr. Alyson Nerenberg approaches the delicate subject of love and relationships with laudable expertise…She takes the readers through an array of anecdotes personal and therapeutic advice, research data…(and) includes exercises for self reflection and evaluation. I liked how Dr. Nerenberg boldly and candidly addresses various issues in her book, on of them being the issue of generational trauma. This is one of the major causes of relationship failures because it greatly shapes or alters a person’s opinions, character and emotional capacity. I learned about the Karpman Drama Triangle, and how people unconsciously played different roles in it. She also elaborates on self empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, boundaries, and more… I loved the book. It’s very educative and life changing.” 
— Keith Abuja, 5 Stars, Readers Favorite

“An accessible, clear guide on maintaining realistic relationship goals…that upends the myth of perfect partnerships.”
 The Kirkus Reviews

“I will not say this is perfect (because Dr. Nerenberg teaches that perfection doesn’t exist), but I will say that No Perfect Love is pretty darn close! The information will not read like a textbook; instead, case studies from clients and much self-disclosure allow the book to read as relational and comforting.”
Portland Book Review

“Nerenberg has spent 30 years untying relationship knots of couples, families, executives,  celebrities and professional athletes.” 
 Len Lear, Chestnut Hill Local Newspaper

“Dr. Nerenberg uses her skilled knowledge as one of the most sought after individual and couples psychologists in Philadelphia to provide the reader with profound insight that is both down-to-earth and applicable.” 
 Jeanne Stanley, Ph.D., watershed Counseling & Consultation Services, author of Teaching LGBTQ Psychology