Philadelphia Family of Origin Therapy

Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most magical human beings on the earth, for what they believe, they will become. 

“Dr. Nerenberg looks for goodness, care, empathy, talents and resources. She helps her clients replace a core sense of shame with an overall sense of acceptance and worthiness.”

Often unresolved childhood issues can keep you from achieving your full potential.

We help our clients break free from familiar patterns and experiment with new behavior.

We provide the support so that they can make healthy changes. In our practice we are committed to creating a safe environment where relationships can flourish.

We welcome parents, children and other family members into our problem solving sessions.

For more information on how our Philadelphia family origin therapists can assist you and your loved ones, call Dr. Alyson Nerenberg Psychology Associates, PC at 610-331-7303 or contact us online. Dr. Nerenberg works with clients in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas including Bucks CountyChester CountyDelaware County and  Montgomery County.