Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

“Here is the therapist you have been searching for. Not only is her office like a womb of safety and serenity, she’s awesome. No judgments, no pithy advice and no b.s. psychotherapy babble. So if you’ve been resisting going to a shrink , please look into her practice…..I left feeling a lot better.”- Carrie E., Philadelphia

“Lifesaver. Dr. Nerenberg was there for me when most needed in the past 1+ year and has been a key figure in my care team in helping me get back on my feet. She is prompt at returning calls and emails. I strongly recommend her as a therapist” – Gil W., Philadelphia

“All I can say is that Dr. Nerenberg’s therapy works for me. I am now living in more integrity than I ever had in the past. In her office, I feel seen and heard as well as understood. She is not afraid to challenge me and does it in a direct way but with respect and care.” – Frank B., Philadelphia

“When I first came in to see Dr. Nerenberg, it was 8 years ago and I had just discovered that my husband was having multiple affairs. I was pregnant and completely alone. I was truly devastated. In the time I worked with her I learned how to get back my self esteem and decided to really work on myself. I am now engaged to marry a wonderful man and am successfully navigating a blended family. The work I did with Dr. Nerenberg was truly life changing.” – Vanessa B. Cherry Hill, NJ

“She gently persuaded me to go to my first 12 step meeting. When I gave her my excuses she looked me in the eye and challenged my fears in a safe but very direct manner. I believe that she saved my life.”– Bob.C, Philadelphia

“I’ve both laughed and cried with Dr. Nerenberg in sessions. She has a beautiful heart and wonderful sense of humor. In all of the years I worked with her I never doubted that she truly cared about me. She is extremely insightful and filled with knowledge about addictions and relationships” – Margaret M., Newtown

“When I first began therapy I felt shame and self loathing. I was scared to expose myself honestly to anyone. Dr. Alyson was the first person I let in. I shared my childhood trauma with her as well as my sexually addicted behaviors. There was no judgment, just care, concern and a plan. She helped me join a therapy group and develop friendships. My life is more honest and I am more accountable to people than ever before. My wife trusts her direction and is so grateful that she is my psychologist.” – Tom T., Villanova, PA

“In therapy I learned how to set boundaries with my narcissistic parent. I practiced ways to be more effective in my communication so that I was not always left feeling taken advantage of and mistreated. I also learned how to take care of myself and limit interactions with other takers in my life. Alyson taught me how to advocate for me and how to say no. Working in therapy has taught me how to let go of my own manipulations and resentments. My life is a lot less complicated and much more straightforward.” – Carlos C., Philadelphia

“Dr. Nerenberg helped me realize that the true goal in my life is simply to love and be loved honestly and deeply” – Norm N.,now recently married and living with his wife in Maine