Philadelphia Therapy Services

Therapy Services


Dr. Nerenberg and her staff can assist individuals and couples to improve communication, enhance self-esteem, and work through life limiting barriers to greater happiness, hope and fulfillment.


Dr. Nerenberg and her staff’s method of therapy is individually tailored and holistic in nature. She integrates philosophies from the medical, psychological, family system and self-help communities in order to treat the whole person. She is committed to healing not just the symptoms, but the underlying problems in order to help individuals develop self-understanding and permanent change.


Dr. Nerenberg and her staff works confidentially, respectfully and non-judgmentally to assist each individual in achieving self-awareness and a healthy sense of inner peace.

Individual Counseling

Eating Disorder Group

Provides a safe place to work on issues around food. Treats binging, purging, anorexia and compulsive over eating and the underlying trauma.

Group for Recovering Sexual Addicts

Provides a long term group therapy experience including psycho education and process time for the early recovering sex addict. Group lasts for 1.5 hours.

Advanced Group for Recovering Sexual Addicts

Provides a long term group therapy experience for both men and women with over a year of recovery. More in depth family of origin work. Group lasts for 2 hours.

Partner’s Group

Provides partners of sexual addicts a safe place to heal. Psycho education and process time are available to help partners make sense of their traumas.

Panic Attack/ Anxiety Group

A short-term psycho-educational group for individuals suffering from anxiety or panic attacks. The purpose is to help predict, understand and cope with panic attacks and anxiety.

For more information about the therapy services offered by  Dr. Alyson Nerenberg Psychology Associates, PC call us today at 610-331-7303 or contact us online. Dr. Nerenberg works with clients in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas including Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County and  Montgomery County.