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Dr. Alyson Nerenberg has been educating the public about addictions and relationship issues for the past 20 years. She is deeply committed to providing practical knowledge about psychological issues in a clear and understandable style.

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InTheRooms 1 Hour Podcast -
Dr. Alyson Nerenberg discusses Letting Go of the Illusion of Perfection in Relationships


Dr. Alyson Nerenberg on Sex Addiction


Dr. Alyson Nerenberg on Relationship Issues


• September 2019 – Fox Good Day Philadelphia
Dr. Nerenberg was interviewed as an expert on Fox 29 News regarding Sandy Hook’s Promise PSA ‘Back to School Essentials’ video.

• June 2018 – Fox Good Day Philadelphia
Dr. Nerenberg was interviewed as an expert on Fort Nite Addiction. She provided information about the signs and symptoms of this video game addiction and how to treat it.

• February 2018 – Fox Good Day Philadelphia
Dr. Alyson Nerenberg  spoke as an  expert on gun violence prevention in the schools. She appeared with her 16 year old daughter, Marissa, the founder and president of the Gun Violence Prevention Club at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. Dr. Nerenberg discussed the warning signs of a school shooter.

• April 2017 – CBS Philadelphia
Psychologist Dr. Alyson Nerenberg discusses Facebook murder video take-down response time.

• December 2016 – Fox Good Day Philadelphia
Interviewed as Psychologist Expert on the warning signs of school shooters

• May 2014 – Fox Good Day Philadelphia
Provided education for Parents regarding Asperger syndrome

• December 2013 – Lifetime Series
Interviewed as Psychological expert on Bullying in Sports

• April 2012 – FOX 29 News
Interviewed as Psychologist Expert on the negative impact of Date Rape

• March 2011 – HLN Headline News
Interviewed as Psychologist Expert on Parenting Issues

• October 2010 – Fox News
Appeared on news segment as professional expert discussing the dangers of celebrity dieting.

• September 2010 – Fox News
Dr. Nerenberg discussed intimacy issues regarding couples’ sleeping arrangements in their homes.

• August 2010 – Philadelphia Magazine
Consulted on story about Divorcing trend among couples with young children. Quoted as psychologist treating couples struggling with stressor in marriage.

• February 2010 – CBS Pilot Episode – “Secrets”
The show was about women leading secretive lifestyles. Consulted as psychologist for episode show – Secrets. Provided on-air and off-air therapy evaluations/sessions for women struggling with addictions. Also assisted producers with program development.

• September 2007 – Chestnut Hill Local Paper
Interviewed as expert about treating relationship addictions.

• August 2007 – CN8 Morning Talk Show
Interviewed as Relationship Expert discussing “How to cope if your partner is an addict”.

• May 2007 – CN8 Morning Talk Show
Interviewed on “How to know if it is a fling or the real thing”. Discussed healthy dating techniques.

• November 2003 – Philadelphia Inquirer
Interviewed as lead story in the Image Section as the Psychologist treating Internet addictions.

• August 2000 – MSNBC News
National News Television Show
Featured as the Psychologist Expert on MSNBC News Investigates. Informed the public about the dangers of the “swinging life style”. Discussed the difficulties and dangers of having sexual relationships with multiple partners.

• July 2000 – Talk America Radio Show
National Syndicated Radio Show
Interviewed as expert on internet addiction.

National On-Line Magazine
Interviewed as Psychologist Expert on the topic of emotionally abusive relationships.

• November 1999 – Fox Channel
Daytime Television Talk – QUEEN LATIFA SHOW
Interviewed as expert psychologist on the topic of women sex addicts. Answered questions from host of show and audience members about treating sexually compulsive women.

• October 1999 – Jane Magazine
National Magazine
Interviewed as expert on the topic of treating women sex addicts.

• July 1999 – NBC
Daytime Television Talk – Dr. Joy Browne Show
Answered questions from guests of show and Dr. Joy Browne regarding treatment of sex addicts.

• January 1999 – WWDB Radio Station 860AM
Philadelphia, PA
Interviewed on the topic of Sexual Addictions. Educated public about the concept of sexual additions and recovery. Answered listeners questions and provided a conceptualization of sexual addictions.

• January 1999 – Philadelphia Daily News
Philadelphia, PA
Interviewed by Jill Porter as an expert on sexual addictions.

• July 1998 – Recovery Road Talk Radio
Seattle, WA
Interviewed by Stanley Roads on the topic of Sexual Addictions. Spent one hour as expert on sexual addictions and trauma. Answered listener’s questions and provided educational information.