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I Warmly Welcome You to My First Perfectly Imperfect Blog!

Dr. Alyson Nerenberg: I Warmly Welcome You to My First Perfectly Imperfect Blog!by Dr. Alyson Nerenberg After 26 years of practice, I am finally writing a blog…..  The reason for my long overdue post is that I have been very busy living my own beautiful/messy life and have not gotten around to writing about it, until now! By way of background, I currently juggle: a husband, three kids between the ages of seven and eighteen years old and a white fluffy dog. Additionally, I own a private practice that consists of myself and five other incredible psychotherapists, as well as a bookkeeper/office manager who keeps us all organized.  On the good days, everything runs smoothly and I am filled with gratitude to do what I love and still manage to be there for my family. On the difficult days, I am managing life’s chaos the best way I can using spirituality, a positive approach and a sense of humor. I[...] Read More