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Hypnotherapy: An effective treatment shrouded in mystery

Hypnotherapy: An effective treatment shrouded in mystery
Katie Dixon, M.S.Ed. Discusses HypnotherapyBy Katie Dixon, M.S. Ed. After receiving training in hypnotherapy, I quickly realized that much of my work using this technique would be dispelling myths about what hypnotherapy is not. When I tell people that I am trained as a hypnotherapist, I am met with curiosity, incredulousness, and even trepidation. “Is it mind control?” people ask. “I do not want to be on all fours barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken every time I hear the sound of wind chimes”, they are quick to add. Still others respond as if the key to unlocking a great mystery has been handed to them. There is a willingness to try anything that will free them of unhealthy habits and phobias. Each of these responses has led me down a path of providing countless explanations about what hypnotherapy is and is not. I am not convinced, however, that my attempts to define hypnotherapy[...] Read More

The Anthem for Anxiety

Kristina Ferrari: The Anthem for Anxietyby Kristina Ferrari, M. S.Ed. Recently I stumbled upon the anthem for anxiety, or what I would imagine anxiety would sound like if it had its own soundtrack.  There was a rapidly increasing beat, a deafening pulsing sound felt throughout the body, a less than kind voice barking orders and formulating its own reality.  This tune even came complete with a countdown to what could best be described as impending doom.  Now, it's safe to say that this same song could be experienced by others in a far different way, even motivating perhaps.  But that was not my experience.  My experience, rather my reality at the time, was all negative. It happened quite randomly and without any intention on my end.  I was in the middle of my daily workout when a song from that week's playlist began.  It's important to note that this particular exercise regimen change[...] Read More

I Warmly Welcome You to My First Perfectly Imperfect Blog!

Dr. Alyson Nerenberg: I Warmly Welcome You to My First Perfectly Imperfect Blog!by Dr. Alyson Nerenberg, Psy.D., CSAT-S After 26 years of practice, I am finally writing a blog…..  The reason for my long overdue post is that I have been very busy living my own beautiful/messy life and have not gotten around to writing about it, until now! By way of background, I currently juggle: a husband, three kids between the ages of seven and eighteen years old and a white fluffy dog. Additionally, I own a private practice that consists of myself and five other incredible psychotherapists, as well as a bookkeeper/office manager who keeps us all organized.  On the good days, everything runs smoothly and I am filled with gratitude to do what I love and still manage to be there for my family. On the difficult days, I am managing life’s chaos the best way I can using spirituality, a positive approach and a sen[...] Read More